Life is a creative process and art is an extension of that process

Michael was born in Wichita, Kansas. At the age of nine he moved with his family to Venezuela where his interest in art began. His creative aspiration was inspired by nature and it’s vast array of colors.

After attending the University of Kansas, where he majored in chemical engineering, he joined the US Navy. After his stint in the Navy he settled in the San Francisco Bay area. There he made the choice to pursue art as a career. He found a studio loft on the Sausalito waterfront of San Francisco Bay near the marina where he lived aboard a sloop. At that time Sausalito was an artist haven with an extensive artist community. It was a learning and rewarding period of his career. His paintings during this period were representational.

In 2001 Michael left Sausalito and moved to the southwest desert where he eventually settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Inspired by a new world of color, light and forms he shifted to an abstract style by means of a unique mixed media technique that he innovated.

Michael’s technique utilizes a multitude of media, combining traditional painting techniques with the new media of today. He applies these media in layers of epoxy resin over an aluminum plate that has been sanded, ground and textured. The patterns and textures of the aluminum determine the direction the artist takes with the media. The finished piece has up to six layers of resin, giving the art a dimensional quality. The colors used are transparent and the aluminum surface is visible through the colors. The art piece is then floated over an aluminum backing piece.

The finished art piece is luminous, dimensional and elegant.